The  C.C.R. s.r.l., such as concessionaire of the SKFDAYCOCORTECO marks, it is situated to Catania. It distributes avail oneself moreover of one’s own exclusive brand (IKS) on theanelli di tenuta e paraolio valvole corteco.jpg (46423 byte) market and of two commercial structures: one dedicated to the field of car, the other to the industry sector, with a sales network formed by 9 sellers they cover in capillary way Sicilia and Calabria. It operates for over twenty years offering an effective and fundamental service oriented to the satisfaction of one’s own customers’ demands.

By virtue of the specifications of framework and management that the C.C.R. iksprodotti.jpg (46633 byte)s.r.l. has devoted itself, it is able to offer the one’s own customers a series of services high-level of efficiency and cheapness.

The C.C.R. store is situated in Catania in Via Raffineria, 50 about 500 meters from the central station, in a very comfortable position to reach whether from the centre of Catania or from any province of the Region and southern Italy. The management of the store is totally automatized, in order to slim and to increase the efficiency the working: orders, assortment, choice among the various rangers of articles, invoicing, everything is more simple and fast  with considerable saving in time and money for our customers.

We can assert without any dubt  that  the C.C.R. s.r.l. placed itself like point of reference seriously and guarentees in the sector, for the most important firm South of Italy.


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